Travelling with Pets

As the summer comes to a close, lots of us will be getting out of NYC for one final long weekend.  Whether you are heading to Long Island, the Catskills, or heading to Coney Island for a day on the beach, if your pet is coming, here are a few tips to make the trip easy:


(1) Should your pet come with you?  Does your pet do well travelling, or would he/she be happier at home with a pet sitter?   Sometimes the least stressful option for pets is maintaining their normal routine, even if they have to be away from you.

(2) Give your pet a chance to be a happy traveler — take time in the weeks (and months) leading up to your trip to work on using the carrier/crate for extended periods of time and in a variety of settings that mimic your trip.  Be sure training sessions are low stress, full of fun treats/toys, and always end on a high note.

(3) Plan ahead — make sure to bring enough of your pet’s normal food and any medications to last the entire trip and set up a safe place for your pet to stay confined if need be (such as a large enough kennel or crate with good ventilation).   Find out if you need any travel documents (vaccine certificates, health certificates) and schedule time to collect them a few days before your trip.

(4) Be prepared in case of emergency — look up veterinarians along your route and at your destination that are open 24 hours a day.   Make sure your pet is microchipped in case of escape, and keep your registration information up to date.  Bring a recent photo of your pet just in case.

(5) Prepare your car (or carry on bag) for your pet passenger(s) — bring food and water for the trip, comfortable bedding, a good toy (and for cats, think about catnip and calming pheromone sprays), and turn on child locks to prevent inadvertent escapes!

If you have any specific concerns regarding your pet and travel, contact us as early as possible.  We’re happy to help you make a travel plan that works for your family, but some plans may take a few days to put in place.



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Microchips — How they could save your pet



August 15, 2015 is National Check the Chip Day, an opportunity to make sure our pets are protected in case they go missing.  Even indoor pets in NYC are at risk of sneaking out when the door is open; in a city like ours, being lost on the street is a scary prospect.

Each year,  approximately 10 million and dogs and cats go missing, which translates to 1/3 of all pets being lost at some point in their life.  Only 1 in 5 dogs will be reunited with his or her family, and only 1 in 50 cats!

In June 2015, New York City’s Animal Care and Control (the city shelter) took in 391 stray dogs and 1266 stray cats.  30% of the dogs were reunited with their owners, and just 3% of the cats.


How can I improve my pet’s chances of being found?

  • Get your pet microchipped!

Dogs with microchips are twice as likely to find their way home, cats with microchips are 16 times more likely!  A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice, and can be inserted quickly while your pet is awake.  Contact us to set up an appointment to place one for your pet.

  • Register your pet’s microchip

Placing a microchip is half the process, the other half is registering it.  When a microchip is scanned, it provides a unique number, but no other information.  That number is listed in a worldwide database, and can be linked to your information.  Only half the microchips placed are ever registered, which means half these animals are still unlikely to make it home.

  • Maintain your registration

Whenever you move, change your number, or are unreachable, be sure to update your registration.  This way, if your pet is found by a vet or a shelter, the chip will be scanned, your information will be retrieved, and your pet will come home!


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Dog Friendly Summer Restaurants in NYC


If you’re anything like our entire staff, your dogs are a big part of summer, and bringing them along for adventures is half the fun.  Check out our favorite dog-friendly restaurants while the weather is still warm!


Bier International — Frederick Douglass Ave at 113th Street

  • If you’re in the mood for excellent beer choices, happy hour specials, or a delicious burger, Bier is worth checking out (it may or may not be our office’s go-to for after work drinks…)
  • Tip: the truffle fries are NOT to be missed
  • While the restaurant doesn’t allow dogs inside, they are happy for your canine to sit on the other side of the patio fence, and will help you find a table with a  good spot for your pup.  There is lots of room on the sidewalk here for calm dogs to chill while you partake!

Upper West Side

Boat Basin Cafe — West 79th Street on the water

  • A longer trip, but the view is worth it.  Enter from 79th street, or walk right up from the Hudson Waterfront Greenway
  • Tip: if the waterfront seating is crowded, the inner courtyard (a converted fountain) usually has tables, and has a softer ground surface that is more dog friendly for lounging
  • Well-behaved pooches can sit under your table, and staff will even provide a dog bowl with water


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