Cat Gift Guide 2015


Earlier this week we reviewed some of our favorite dog and dog-lover gifts, and it’s time for the cats to have their turn!  Below we’ve listed some of our gift suggestions that are sure to be a hit.


Gifts for Cats

  • Cat Tree — a good way to enrich your cat’s environment, provide a safe hiding space, and encourage exercise.  Try trees designed for larger cats, that fit into small NYC apartments, and modern designs that avoid the cheap carpet look altogether!
  • Cat Exercise Wheel — to be honest, I included this because it was just too good a video not to include it.  But hey, maybe someone out there is looking for exactly this and has a cat who would be into it!  The model cat is certainly having a blast!!!

Gifts for Cat Lovers

  • Take them out! — NYC has it’s own cat cafe (open Thurs-Tues), where you can get your friend for a kitty cuddle with a cup of coffee.  They even offer gift cards, cat toy-making workshops, and a yoga with kitties class!
  • Paw Print — this will work best if you actually live with the cat in question, but I love this idea so much I would not be opposed to you sneaking in to get the needed prints.  Personalized jewelry (and keychains, prints, etc) are now available based on specific paw prints!  You may need to cache this idea for next year, or a birthday, but these are great presents!
  • Memorial — if a friend lost a beloved pet this year, she will be especially missed at the holidays.  Sometimes the most supportive thing you can do is let your friend know you remember, too.  We’re cutting it close for personalized items, but there are plenty of ready-to-ship options to choose from, including  art,  ornaments, and household items.   If you have a picture of your friend with his cat, simply framing it can be a heart warming gift.


If your cat (or a friend’s cat!) hasn’t been in for a check up in a while, he is in good company. Many cats only see the vet when they are sick.  Think about making your cat’s Christmas present one of a clean bill of health–schedule an appointment for an annual exam, so we can check him out and make sure he is ready to attack your feet in bed, keep your apartment mouse-free, and snuggle up for netflix night all next year.


Happy Holidays from all of us at Uptown Vets!


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