Dog Gift Guide 2015


It’s time to stop procrastinating and get your presents in order!  If you’re in need of inspiration, here’s our gift guide for dogs and dog-lovers alike, that goes beyond the food bowl-and-tennis ball options.  (Never fear, feline-friendly fans!  Check back in 2 days for our cat and cat-lover gift guide.)

Gifts for Dogs

  • Interactive Feeders — just like us, dogs prefer to engage their brains, and mealtime is no different.  Try out a feeding board, food dispensing toy, or puzzle as a new approach to meal times! (note: avoid using these in dogs who guard food, or with multiple dogs around)
  • Coats — it’s finally getting cold in NYC this year, and your pooch may be in need of new layers!  Check out our previous post, discussing how to choose the right coat for your dog.
  • Fun Classes — dogs are genetically geared to work, and every breed has it’s speciality.  As cliche as it sounds, signing your dog up for a class is the gift that keeps giving!  Many good trainers in the area run obedience, rally, and even scent-detection classes where your dog will learn new skills, have a blast, and build an even stronger relationship with you.

Gifts for Dog Lovers

  • Classes — this idea is so good, I’m listing it twice.  If you have a loved one who is besotted with his pooch, now is a great opportunity to help them spend more quality time together.  As an added bonus, you won’t be filling up their apartment with more things they don’t need, and you’ll be treated to an even happier canine companion next time you visit!  If you aren’t sure the recipient is ready for a full-on class, you can arrange for a one-on-one training session, to get the ball rolling.
  • Air Purifier — lets face it–having a pet in NYC means lots of pet hair, dander, and smell in a small space.  No matter how diligent we are, the lingering Eau de Central Park is never quite gone.  Air purifiers made for this purpose are widely available and becoming much more affordable.  As a bonus, they’ll help deal with the less-than-ideal NYC air quality overall, and keep your friend’s lungs happy!
  • Memorial — if a friend lost a beloved pet this year, she will be especially missed at the holidays.  Sometimes the most supportive thing you can do is let your friend know you remember, too.  We’re cutting it close for personalized items, but there are ornaments, prints, and jewelry that can keep a lost pet’s memory alive.   If you have a picture of your friend with his dog, simply framing it can be a heart warming gift.

Aaaand this wouldn’t be a veterinary blog without a quick (even if it’s corny!) suggestion — the best gift we can give our pets is a happy and healthy life.  If your pet hasn’t been in for a check up in a while, this is a great season to schedule an annual exam.  We’ll be able to check out your furry family member from nose-to-tail, answer all of your questions about his wellbeing, and ensure another year of happiness.


Happy Holidays from everyone at Uptown Vets.


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