Love Stories of How Our Pets Found Us


In this mini-series, members of the Uptown Vets family share how their furry families came to be.


Julie and Rahja


I rescued by fur baby Rahja (now 11 years old) when he was 6 months old from Nashville, TN.  He and his siblings were brought into the boarding facility where I was working at the time to keep them out of a shelter.  The minute I saw him, it was love at first sight and I had to have him in my life.  He went from being a little bully with his siblings to the biggest love, winning over the hearts of many.  He currently has two kitty siblings and three human siblings at home, all of whom adore him.


Rahja has helped me through some of the toughest times in my life, knowing exactly what is needed at that specific time, whether it be letting me hug the mess out of him when I need a good cry or just sitting quietly near by, providing support.


It’s funny how much his personality has changed over the years, going from a crazy, out of control puppy, to a well mannered adult, and now on to an “I can do whatever I want and don’t have to listen to you” attitude in his older years.   His favorite thing in the world is to go hiking with his friends Lola and Niela.  He has a hard time leaving them when it’s time to come home, and is mopey, sleeping for a good two days straight afterwards.


My baby was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago, and is starting to go blind in one eye, yet you would never know it.  He is as joyful today as he was when he was six months old.  Rahja has brought so much joy to not only my life, but to those who have gotten to know him throughout the years.  He is one amazing boy!!


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